Abbott & West

The brainchild of Kate Thorman and Nora Chovanec, Abbott and West Productions is a NYC-based production company that makes spirited, creative, and thoughtful media for our interconnected world.

All our projects are designed to embody the all-encompassing media experience that we all live on a day-to-day basis. No project is exclusive to any one format, just as you are never solely on your phone or only watching TV. We aim to give our audience a media experience that fits the way you want to consume it.

These two twenty-something women both hail from the west coast, and are looking to bring a dose of levity, curiosity, and adventure to the world of media.

Abbott and West’s first production is the food and travel TV show, The Innocents Abroad.

Keep up with the latest by following us on Twitter: @abbottandwest

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