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My work has appeared in such publications as AFAR, Bon Appétit, The New York TimesThe WeekDrift, and Fodor’s New York guidebooks. I was previously an editor for Mr & Mrs Smith, and my freelance editing clients have included Bon Appétit.

My bylined work can be found online at:

Mr & Mrs Smith
A Love Letter to Hotel Stationery

Life and Money by Citi
No Passport Required: Unexpected US Architecture

The Club, British Airways
New York City: The Hottest Hangouts

– “A Coup in Havana“; Volume 3: Havana (print only)

Bon Appétit
How to Spot a Great London Pub
– Chefs Tell Us Their Favorite Podcasts to Listen to While Cooking (Or Whenever!)
– Make Your Next Hot Toddy with a French Press
– Some of the Country’s Top Restaurants Are Closing Today to Support #DayWithoutImmigrants
Stop Being Intimidated by Wine, America

Five Columbia Road Design Shops You Can’t Miss

New York Times
– Metropolitan Diary: A Rebel and a Subway Snooper

Your Ultimate Guide to Paris

The Week
How to pick souvenirs your friends will actually want
How to survive a long-haul flight
– 6 essential travel phrases you should master before any trip
Why it pays to be nice to flight attendants
– How much to tip? A guide for globetrotters

Cuba’s Old Clothes, Made New, October 2013 (print version)

The Best Hotels in Copenhagen
The Best Hotels in Austin
The Best Hotels in Los Angeles
The Best Hotels in Amsterdam
The Best Hotels in San Sebastián
The Best Hotels in Madrid
The Best Hotels in Florence
The Best Hotels in Genoa
The Best Hotels in the Napa Valley
The Best Hotels in Brussels
The Best Hotels in Portland
The Best Hotels in Santa Fe
The Best Hotels in Stockholm
The Best Hotels in Washington, DC
The Best Hotels in Siem Reap

Fathom Away
The Best Crudo and Conversation in Maine
Meet the Travel Enthusiast: Kate Thorman

Mr & Mrs Smith
– Hotel reviews
– Smith Tumblr

What Makes a Smith Hotel?

Where to Stay in Paris
Where to Eat in Havana
The Overpacker’s Guide to Travel Style
Secrets of a Boutique Hotel Enthusiast
A Quick Travel Phrase Tutorial

Postcards Magazine:
– America’s Biggest Party
36 Hours in: Reykjavik
Eastern Port
Great Green Isles
– San Francisco’s Best New Restaurants
– Introducing the Pop-Up Hotel

Edmiston & Co. Luxury Yacht Charter
– Example: Turkey guide
– Example: Dalmatian Coast guide
– Example: Galapagos guide

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