Podcasting + Audio

Since 2018, I’ve written more than 60 hours of produced true crime and history podcasts for Spotify’s Parcast Network. Listen to this one if you like unsolved mysteries, this one if you want to learn just how weird North Korea is, or this one if you’re interested in 1970s Italian politics. Most recently, I was the head writer on their series Whistleblowers, produced by Stabl.

Since 2022, I’ve freelanced as a podcast development producer. I currently have several fiction and documentary shows in development with production companies and out to commissioners.

I also write audio dramas in the BBC’s Doctor Who universe, for Big Finish Productions. These include “Catfish”, an episode of the Doctor Who TV spinoff Class; “The Dancing Plague,” in an anthology starring the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison; and “The Last King of Camelot,” the finale of the Arthur Darvill-starring The Lone Centurion, Vol. 2.

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