Christmas comes early here

First, before I start, I just want to say a few things. 1) Obviously, I’m fine, I’m just super busy these days. But everyone’s been wondering what’s happened to me. Just busy, guys.

2) I’d like to ask everyone for a few prayers/thoughts for Chase Edler, a friend of mine from USC who passed away yesterday from injuries sustained in a skateboarding accident. He was one of the most generous, happy people I’ve ever met, and while I’m glad to have known him, the world is a little less bright without him. He was one of those people who truly loves and appreciates life. May we all take a little bit of that lesson into our own lives. And wear a helmet, guys, even if you’re not doing skateboarding flips.

On to other things…

Last weekend, I was in London visiting Jojo and Philippe. Apart from being the fabulous time with them that I knew it would be, there were a few other exciting things.

First, I finally got to see London! Last time I was in London, I was there for less than 24 hours and I slept most of it. My first time there, I was 11, so I barely remembered it, other than that it was pretty and we walked a lot. So this time, I got to see lots of fun stuff. Jojo and I did a ton of walking, oh man. Notting Hill, Portabello Market, Kensington Gardens, Buckingham Palace, the South Bank, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, the Strand, Oxford Circus… you name it! And Friday night, Lauren, Kat, and I went to see Evita! Oh, it was amazing. Everyone should go see, if possible. The woman playing Evita has been touted as better than the woman who’s supposed to be the best – by that woman herself, so, seriously, awesome.

The thing that we’ve all noticed, and that was really obvious in London, is that Christmas here starts in October. The end of October, but still. We’ve realized that it’s because they don’t have Thanksgiving to kind of mark the start of the holiday season. So, starting end of October/beginning of November, Christmas decorations galore, especially in stores and major shopping areas. On the one hand, it’s nice, because it’s like, aw yay I love Christmas! On the other hand it’s like, it’s not even December! It’s not even really winter! It doesn’t feel like Christmas! Also, it makes me sad that I won’t be home for Christmas.

Speaking of which, anyone who wants to come for Christmas, or over the Christmas holidays…

I really want to write more – I have fun observations about French culture that you’ll all enjoy, and plus, life is just generally good. I’m starting to hit the depressing part of the culture shock curve – where one misses home a lot – but I’m thinking that’s going to last for a while, considering I still have to make it through the holidays and so many of my friends are leaving in a month, for good or just for Christmas. But sadly, I really don’t have time to write more. I’ve had no work in the last several months, and then it all just hit. Test last week, two papers this week… It’s a little crazy. Remember, all of this is in French, making it like 10 times harder and more time-consuming.

Anyway, send love and American things. I did just have Peet’s coffee after lunch (thank you parents!), and that does make everything a little better.

2 Replies to “Christmas comes early here”

  1. Peet’s does make everything just a little better.

    I miss you so much. I think I’m going to have a breakdown. I have three papers due tomorrow. Have I written anything? Uh…a paragraph. Jesus. I’m screwed.

  2. Finally got to your blog, which I’m enjoying. Sorry we can’t come for the holidays, but we’re looking forward to seeing you in Feb. Did you get my email a month or so ago? Will you be in Paris Feb. 16-20?
    Aunt Jan

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