Changes, ch-ch-ch-changes…

Sorry, I’m sick and that’s the first title that came to my head. Music and all.

Yes, my friends, I am sick. Sick in Paris. In my last week and a half before going home for break. In the last week and a half many of my friends will be here. In a week and a half chalk full of exams. Not fun, I promise you, not fun at all. Especially not fun when I cancel nearly all my obligations in order to sleep and then the neighbors on the other side of my wall start drilling at 8:45 AM! NOT COOL!

In other news, something interesting happened today. Since I arrived in Paris, there has been a ton of construction going on in front of Gare du Nord (one of my métro stops). I never really stopped to think what they were doing. But today, as I walked to the métro, I suddenly realized that all the barriers were gone and there were new signs up denoting the new space, and there was a ton of space! As part of the awesome mayor of Paris’ initiative to make Paris a more walkable and environmentally-friendly city, there’s now this huge pedestrian-devoted area in front of Gare du Nord. It’s all pretty and open and clean and new! And on a crisp, clear winter day, I dare say it was beautiful.

Everything’s wrapping up here, and it’s very weird. We had a goodbye cocktail party yesterday for the program, and I was a little emotional, though I didn’t cry, no worries. ;-) I will at some point, I’m sure, just not yet.

Tonight was our last class at the Louvre. While I’ll be taking the second part of the class next semester, it will be different. Different people, different time periods, different art. Same J-C P-G, though. He’s our awesome prof. He, Lauren, and I were talking on the way out this evening about how quickly this semester has gone. Too quickly. I’ve said this so many times already, and I’ll say it so many more: I’m so glad I’m staying, that I have so much more time, but I can’t even imagine so many people being gone. Some of my friends were talking about how they don’t know or care about a lot of the people who will be leaving, but I have to say, it’s the feeling of a group, you know? And this is a good group. These are all great people. There’s no one here I don’t get along with, or don’t like, though I guess that tends to be true in most places. Which is something I’m learning about myself that I like.

It’s finally gotten cold here. Before this, it was kind of on and off, but this week it finally hit. It’s genuinely cold. Genuinely winter. And I’m about to leave it for a week for more moderate temperatures. It funny because I know I’m coming back just a week later, but I don’t want to leave. It’s like how last year I didn’t want to go home for winter break. Because I know that when I get back it will be so different, and I’m not ready for that. But then, am I ever ready for change?

(Postscript: everyone, go look at Sami’s sports blog! It’s in my links on this page. He knows what he’s talking about, and he’s just super awesome anyway.)

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