On the Road Again

I know I’ve been remiss in my posting duties, but I’ve pretty much been working non-stop since the summer, so I’ve been cooking and going to movies less than I would like. I’m in the middle of four or five books, too, all of which I can recommend, but none of which I’ve finished.

For the moment, though, the big news is that this blog will once again be active! I’m taking off on my travels next week, at long last. The countries on the horizon for the next few months are Hong Kong (China, technically), Indonesia (right now, just Bali, it would seem), Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and then India at the end of February for a wedding. You can follow my adventures here, just like you did when I was in Paris. (If you’re new this time around, feel free to poke around the site and read my Paris entries.) I’ll be writing about all sorts of stuff – food, sights, cultural observations, interesting experiences, travel trips, you name it – and while it will definitely be a great way to keep tabs on me, I hope that it also inspires you to do some traveling of your own! Or maybe even come visit me…? I’m always looking for travel buddies. Also, if you have any suggestions for places to go, or things to do, or happen to know people where I’m going, definitely let me know.

One of the things I’m going to at least attempt to do while traveling is send some of my travel articles back to newspapers and online publications to get published. So, if you see anything you like on here and happen to know someone in that industry, please feel free to pass this address along. Otherwise, enjoy what you read, and please leave comments! I can’t wait to get started, and to share my experiences with you!

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