Travel Plans

We have ultimately decided to stay in McLeod Ganj/Dharamsala for another week or two instead of trying to cram the entire country of Tanzania into 10 days, so this leaves me plenty of time to catch you all up on, well, all the places I haven’t written about in the last several months. In order to not confuse you all, I’m inserting here a chronological list of everywhere I’ve been in India so that you can refer back to it if necessary. (Note: I have included links for some, but these are not links to all my India posts, sorry.)

Delhi (1) and Agra



Kerala: Fort Cochin/Ernakulum, Munnar/Karadipara, the backwaters/Kumarakom/Alleppey, Trivandrum

Mumbai (1)


Mumbai (2)

Panchgani (and Wai and Mahabaleshwar)

(Mumbai (3))

Rajasthan: Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer

Delhi (2)


Dharamsala/McLeod Ganj

4 Replies to “Travel Plans”

  1. Kate,

    So Tanzania’s loss is our gain//What’s different in the monastries in Mcleodganj//
    those decorated cymbals/wheels,are their people looking for treatment//one time the physicians there were famous.

    Does the place give a look of a political/emotional asylum.Does everyone know why he is there in the first place.
    Is there an undercurrent of some drug/poppy that people may be hooked on.IS THE PLACE A FLIGHT FROM REALITY.

  2. good choice. I am certain that you will enjoy your time in Dharamsala/McLeod Ganj. It seems that there are many interesting possibilities there and you will come away with a different understanding of the Tibetan situation. keep writing.

  3. Tibetan medicines are sometimes effective where all other therapies exhaust.Is the science visible.
    My comment is that if the place is a congregation of people from all over//in what way it excites a traveller in India.

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