In the airport…

I’m sitting here in JFK, having just flown up from DC this morning, and, guess what, one of my bags is “lost.” As in, JetBlue (whom I adore, normally) most likely placed it on the next flight up here, since I checked in kind of late. But how did one get here and not the other? Frustrating. Really not what I need to start off my year abroad.

But despite my exhaustion (hey, 5 days at Georgetown will do that to you), and despite the stress, I am excited. Nervous. Scared. Trying to figure out how exactly I thought this was going to be a good idea. But then I just focus on Paris, and it’s all okay. Well, mostly.

I hope I sleep on this plane ride.

3 Replies to “In the airport…”

  1. i think i’m addicted to blogging. that is, new blogs.

    i think now i have… three? one on here, thanks to you, one on some msn thing thanks to carly, and my LJ. my blogger blog has long since died but i’m sure you can find it if you scrounge around enough. the wonders of the internet.

    i think maybe i don’t have enough to do.

    wait, that’s not it. hah.

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