A Tours!

Bonjour tout le monde!

Finally managed to get to an internet café and get on here.

We are in Tours and after nearly two crazy days, I have made some friends, become familiar with the town, and my brain is slowly transitioning to French.

My roommate is also named Kate, and we’ve bonded through the trials of the first few days, though I doubt we will be really close friends in the long run. Our host mom is nice, though a little scary. :) She’s a divorced older woman with three grown up daughters, and there’s also a Japanese girl staying zith us, so meals are always interesting. It’s cool to think that though we are all from different places, our common language is French, not English.

The program is 83 people, and only 27 of us are year students. Oh, and for your amusement (Paris girls, you’ll particularly appreciate this) there are nine guys on the program. Amusant, non? Apparently this is normal; the directors of the program say guys aren’t as adventurous. haha Everyone is really nice and eager to make friends, so there are always people who are happy to hang out. Last night was the first night we were all vaguely alive, so a group of us went out for a night on the town. There were four of us Georgetown girls (the funny thing is that none of us knew each other before this, and there are 7 of us on the program) and it was one of their birthdays (Ellen & Christie – Claire!) so we did a little bar-hopping and then ended up at a club where my friend Alex and I just went and danced and had a blast. Overall, a fun night, and I’ve made some friends.

Tours is a cute little city – I’ll post some pics when I can use my computer. Hopefully I’ll get wifi before Paris, but who knows.

Tomorrow, classes start. I’ll keep you posted. And send me emails and leave me comments! I miss you guys all so much!

Au revoir!

2 Replies to “A Tours!”

  1. Whoo! Nine guys, eh? Have fun with that… :-P Sounds like so much fun, makes me wish I was abroad.

    Tours was cool, but you should see Nice! It’s paraidise. ;)

  2. Yay! Glad you’re having a good time! Did bar-hopping include Place Plume at all? I miss Place Plume.

    Also, will send you an email when I have a second. Fun news. Love you so much it hurts. BISES!

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