Often, we find ourselves sliding backwards, if you will. We think we’re moving forward with jobs/apartments, only to find a new hurdle appear that tries to send us falling backwards. The last few weeks have been about learning to deal with these beat-downs and circumvent them. At the moment, though, come Sunday, we have nowhere to stay for at least one of us, and we’ve been trying to deal with this to little avail. So, I’m putting a plea out into the universe for something within our minimal budget that can sleep three people for next week; if anyone has any suggestions, ideas, connections, I will be eternally grateful. Otherwise, you may be seeing me at home in January. If you want me to be home in January, then start sabotaging this post immediately, but I like to think that my readers are more kind-hearted than that.

I really hope I didn’t do something to karmically deserve this, because then I feel I must have something even worse coming.

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