Below Freezing

Winter has hit Paris. Full on. I think the average this week is -1. Celcius, that is. We’re in Europe, remember.

My nose is permanently red, and my face is dry and burnt from the cold and wind. I rejoice in the metro, however smelly it may be, because I know that the more people there are packed into a car, the warmer I will be for that brief period of time. Our office is cold anyway – everyone wears scarves inside all day – but walking outside immediately induces a feeling that cuts straight to the bone and takes hours to dispel. Alfie doesn’t have gloves and his fingers are perpetually dry and raw; this is not helped by hours of washing dishes at work.

That’s right, we both have jobs now. You knew that he did, but I do too. I didn’t want to say anything before it started, because the way things have been going, you never know what could happen. But I started yesterday, so I can talk about it now. I’m working for a documentary production company as an intern/Production Assistant. They pay basically nothing, but it’s a good opportunity and the people are pretty cool. It’s a small, cute office in one of my favorite parts of town, and particularly the head Producer/Director guy is super enthusiastic and friendly. They’re asking me to essentially do the impossible, but they recognize the difficulty of the project, so I don’t mind too much. We’ll see how it goes. All the same, I still have to find another job if I’m going to even attempt to stay, because 300 euros a month (yes, really) won’t get you much of anything in Paris.

As for staying, talk to me again next week. Right now, I don’t really know much of anything beside that I’m meeting a few people for dinner tonight and I just had hot chocolate to dispel some of the cold. Send warm thoughts. Or snow. I’ll take either right now.

One Reply to “Below Freezing”

  1. Whoever made Is Paris burning needs to be there now!!
    Wonderful,Kate – U R at your favourie activity
    studying people and places,so happy to be able to read and update.

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