An Analysis of my German Identity

Reasons I could be German:

1. The bread. Oh my god, the bread. I am no longer even avoiding gluten; I am wholeheartedly embracing it.

2. Veggies for breakfast are an excellent idea.

3. Everywhere has a terrace. I could ever go inside, if I didn’t want to. And there are trees everywhere.

4. Beer gardens. Enough said.


Reasons I could not be German:

1. Guys, there are no cars coming for miles, are we really all going to stand here and wait for the walk symbol to change?

2. Why is my duvet folded up and put on top of my bed? That seems pointless, as I shall just have to put it on myself when I go to sleep.

3. I was the only person wearing a tank top in 90-degree weather yesterday. Doesn’t it snow here? Aren’t you hot?

To be updated as thoughts appear.

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